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I am a Patient Advocate for Biogen, the company that makes the MS drug Tysabri.


This was taken at a recent seminar in Lincoln, Nebraska;


Check out the Tysabri brochure on my MS page.


While my publisher, Tate Publishing, has closed its doors, a person can still order a copy of A Tear-Stained Letter on Amazon.  



The publisher of my book, Tate Publishing, is going out of business and A Tear-Stained Letter, like many others, will soon be out of print.



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"Beachy’s narrative offers a vocabulary and several ways to deal with the chaotic feelings that are unmoored when a person kills themselves, leaving others behind in the emotional wake. And because of this, A Tear-Stained Letter may be especially helpful as a reassurance and affirmation for those still participating in this thing called “life.”


Read the full review here: Albuquerque Alibi;





I've said this many times in the past, but false hope is a dangerous thing.

It is the busy summer season for families, as a result my speaking engagements for Biogen have reached the summer slump. I probably won't have any speaking engagements until the Fall.

Sensory overload can be a big problem for those suffering from MS.





   Learn about multiple sclerosis on my MS page. .



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